Regardless of whether you work from home, in the office, in uniform or out of uniform, you need an intimate outfit that makes you comfortable. After all, more time is spent at work than anywhere else.

In addition to comfort, you need to think about the image you want to convey in the corporate environment. A dress shirt doesn't go with a flashy bra, and a fitted skirt doesn't go well with a thong.

So you need to pick up on these tips:
- If you wear a skirt/dress at work, bet on the shapewear panty model. In addition to not marking your clothes, it makes you comfortable and helps you maintain your posture.

- If you wear a dress shirt, bet on a basic set (bra + panties), with pads and neutral colors. It's elegant and doesn't draw attention.

- If you wear jeans, dress pants or another model, there are not so many restrictions on the use of panties, but it is recommended that you choose an anti-fungal and bacteria model, as wearing jeans pants all the time can harm your intimate health .

Do you see? You don't have to wear boring lingerie just because you're at work. Visit our website and get your BFF right now!

July 15, 2022